Design + Management Consultation

Our Design + Management Consultation is the way we start every Full-Service Design + Management project at Jeengi Design Group.

It's our way of getting to know you and your project. It's also our way of determining how we can best help you transform your space so it reflects your needs and lifestyle, and an excellent opportunity for you to meet the team before you make the big leap and commit to your design experience.

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What can you expect during our Consultation:

We start with a tour of your business or home and discuss the needs and goals for each area and room. You can expect recommendations for improving each area as we walk through because design is often a visual mind dump and brainstorm. DISCLAIMER: We do not bring our magic wands and can't fix everything in one visit, let alone on the fly!

During the tour, we will also be identifying the areas of your business or home that you want to focus on, the priority areas. We then sit down to formulate a plan of attack and further brainstorm ways to include all these priority areas within your overall project. It's strongly recommended that you take notes as we'll be discussing lots of things during this 90 minute session.

Some of the areas that are typically covered during the consultation are:

  • Assess the rooms in consideration, untangle all your ideas and create your priority list
  • Laying out a road map for your new construction or remodel project, detailing all the necessary steps to make it a reality
  • Detailed list of ideas for the space
  • Help with defining a comfortable and realistic budget
  • Material suggestions and comparisons
  • Inspirational images of proposed design aesthetic factoring in existing elements

We also recommend making a list of questions and/or areas of concern that you have for your upcoming project, and to have those ready for our meeting. If you have any inspirational images, feel free to share those with us too!

Please note that the consultation does not include any physical design work such as site measurements, rearranging furniture, floor plans or styling etc.

Upon completion, you receive your personalized summary package complete with project notes, inspirational images illustrating the design thought process, and a rough estimated project budget from the scope discussed during our visit within 48 hours.

The consultation fee is $525 and is due at the time of booking your appointment. This is credited to your design proposal should we move forward into full-service design. After this meeting, we will email you the design fee proposal and get our process started!

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Please note, the introductory phone call is required to book your Interior Design Consultation.

Full- Service Design + Management

Packages start at $ 6,000

Remodeling or building new? Overwhelmed? Not sure where to start?

You’ve come to the right place.

We offer Full-Service Interior Design & Project Management Services so we can take your project from the very first sparks of an idea all the way to completion.

What is “full-service design + management?” Well, in short, it is a turnkey experience. From the moment we’re brought on board, we are there with you. It's having your own personal interior designer for every step of the design process and a skilled planner and record keeper for full project oversight and management. We sweat the small stuff so you don’t have to.

From initial floor plan development to selecting finish materials, to figuring out and refining the project budget and timeline, to specifying all equipment, furniture, and accessories; all the way to the final moment where you turn the key to walk into your brand new space, we're there, every step of the way.

Our dedicated team works alongside you to create your unique and perfect project. We use the latest technologies and innovations to make the process as smooth as possible. 3D renderings to truly visualize and experience the design is a huge part of the process.

 Not only do we work closely with you, but we work closely with the full team. Helping you source and select your full consultant team and construction team along the way, as well as aiding in the selection of suppliers and trades.

Our thorough process is created to ensure we fully see your vision and are able to make sure it becomes reality. We are here to anticipate any roadblocks that may happen due to your project’s unique circumstances, general construction processes, deliveries, material selection, and budget management.

Learn about our process here.

Our Services Include:

  • Kitchen and Bath Remodels
  • New Construction, either Residential or Commercial
  • Whole House Remodels
  • Commercial Remodels
  • Spec Home Projects
  • Project Management Services, either Residential or Commercial

Our Client's Experience:

  • Relaxation knowing their project is in expert hands
  • Excitement as their dream space turns into reality
  • A white glove experience as they walk into the vision of their dreams!

No hassle, stress, or confusion on what to pair with what or sourcing overload from ALLLLLL the options

This package is the most stress-free option for our clients.

You get to sit back with the glass of wine and enjoy the design + build process and watch the project unfold before your eyes, while we work our magic.

If you're needing more DIY help, check out our design coaching package or our virtual design services.