1:1 Design Strategy

A virtual design strategy session perfect for those who are looking to undertake a project - big or small- and don't know where to start, whether it is financially feasible, and what options are available to make the idea in their head become their dream reality. We provide plenty of insights to help you get started on your project, plan accordingly, and know before you start if it is a project you indeed can undertake.

Untangle Your Ideas

Not sure how to lay out your space, or if tearing down that wall makes the most sense? We walk through it all with you, to help nail down the best option to move forward based on your unique needs.

Define Your Scope

We help you walk through the whole project - from start to finish - to truly understand what it would look like, and help you define your priority list. You'll know exactly what you want and the why's behind it all.

Clarify Your Budget Numbers

Getting halfway through a project and running out of cash isn't fun, and everyone's worst nightmare. Let's eliminate that worry, by mapping out a robust budget aligned to your scope and needs, that you carry with you as your project develops.

Custom Road

Map Forward

A personalized design + execution raad map outlining the in's and out's of your project, next steps you would need to take, and supporting information to help guide you along the journey forward. All delivered within 4 days of our meeting.

How This Goes:

Every design strategy session is virtually held and 90 mins in length. During the 90 mins we walk through your project in great detail, ask you a bunch of questions, and help you align the ideas in your head with the project needs. We then summarize the project intent, goals, and priorities and gather take all this information to create a custom road map for your project.

Once you select the date and time through the below scheduler and complete your payment, you will be sent a design questionnaire to collect your priority list of design + building questions and an area to upload photos or design inspiration.

The virtual consultation is done via Zoom (we will send you a link) and we can record it for you to reference later as well!

Please note this does not include any design drawings or documentation.

You Will Receive:

  • Clarity and direction on your design+ build journey.
  • Key takeaways that can be immediately implemented
  • A recording of our session to keep on hand for whenever you need a quick refresh
  • And most importantly: A personalized strategy roadmap filled with
  • suggestions on what to do in your space
  • a plan of attack on how to achieve your dream vision
  • a high-level robust budget, typical of the project type, with all the noted costs and parameters that need to be considered
  • a high-level timeline so that you can future forecast and plan for the best time to start construction based on design and planning needs
  • and a list of assumptions, items to consider, and questions that need to be answered to pave your way to design glory with ease and confidence.

This virtual strategy session is perfect for you IF:

  • You are looking to undertake a renovation or remodel in your home and don't know where to start -- who do you need to hire, how long is it going to take, does it financially make sense, and what would the process actually look like?
  • You are looking for general advice on remodeling and/ or the remodeling process
  • You are needing an expert opinion on the feasibility of updating your space to the idea and inspirational images you have, and if it can actually work
  • You are shopping for a new home or condo, and are considering renovations for the new properties. Are the renovations feasible and would they make the property a worthy purchase, or are they going to completely blow your budget?

If you are looking for more design expertise after the design strategy session, we can discuss a longer-term partnership with you based on your needs.

One time payment of $875

Let's Get Started.