Winner’s of the SunFM Interior Design contest that ran in Summer of 2020 in Penticton had a specific design challenge in mind. Then wanted an above ground pool and needed a deck and outdoor seating area designed to complement the new backyard vibes.

Two options were provided to the couple; first option based on sketch and site discussion points from the client, and second option based on reviewing the site layout and uncovering that a rotation of the pool placement would not only maximize the space within the backyard but also provide a larger deck, more functional “bar area” and still meet offset clearances to the neighbouring yards. Both options were presented to the couple with notes and comments.

Despite their original idea, the couple fell in love with the second option provided and are working on coordination for a summer installation.

Project Role: Lead Designer

+/- 2,000 sqft.

Project to be completed by Owner's directly.

Location: Penticton, BC