Experience to Handle the Logistics

Your home or business is one of your most valued assets, and because of that, it is our mission to create spaces that reflect your unique needs and lifestyle.

Ensuring your vision comes to life for your home or business is our primary goal. Creating a comfortable space that rejuvenates and inspires you, and the people who live, work & visit is our passion.

Our organized and systematic approach to design + management and fluid communication with clients create a more comfortable and transparent process throughout the entire journey. This makes sure that each client is never left in the dark on how to proceed or pressured into a stressful situation.

We believe that designing an interior that meets your needs and speaks to your soul can be enjoyable for everyone involved and our process proves just that.

Core Values

At Jeengi Design Group, we stand by these core values in every relationship we encounter.


Accountability is fundamental to the success of a project and relationships with those involved. We can always be relied on to respond and to help navigate through roadblocks. We do what we say we will do, keep to our word, and uphold a level of quality that is consistent, and expected.


The foundation of every project, business, family, and collaborative environment is built on strong, engaging, and receptive relationships. We operate with open and honest communication with every client, consultant, and team member, no matter what is going on behind the scenes.


We approach every project with full-bodied energy, and enthusiasm. Every task, no matter how small, is an important and intricate aspect of the project as a whole and the overall success. We seek to continuously learn and always want to know more. 

Gabriella Milgrom- Vaisler

CEO & Design Lead

I’m Gabriella, an interior designer and project manager. I’ve always loved design and spent hours reorganizing and redecorating my room as a kid. I took that joy and harvested it into training to build my own unique design + planning approach and started Jeengi in 2019.

I use my creative eye to plan and design unique interiors. I love creating timeless designs that can be enjoyed for years to come but speak to the individual or business on a personal level to enrich the space.

At Jeengi Design Group, we know you want to have a home or business that perfectly reflects your unique needs and lifestyle. To do that, you need to design, organize, and execute each detail with precision and have a backup plan, or two,  should the unexpected happen (which it will). At Jeengi we do just that by proactively monitoring the project from the very beginning so hiccups and issues are dealt with before they become problems. This helps to ensure the design and execution processes go as smoothly as possible so that the project can stay on budget and on time.

You deserve to have a fun, collaborative, and exciting design + planning experience!

 We understand that you want to maximize your budget while also reducing stress. We have the methods, organization tools, and people skills to help you enjoy the process without so much overwhelm, self-doubt, and worry.

To get started, book a call, discuss your project logistics and unique needs with us, allow us to create a customized plan based off YOUR needs, and let's execute that plan together!

In the meantime download the free guide "6 Interior Design Tips to Save You Money" and start your journey to your dream space on the right foot.

 Stop feeling confused and stuck spinning your wheels unable to start. Instead, work with us to find and express your style and competently tackle any task with ease.


Bachelor of Interior Design (BID)
Kwantlen Polytechnic University 

Designated Project Management Professional (PMP)
Project Management Institute

" Nobody should have to experience reviewing project details and not understand the specifics of what is being shown, what is needed and what is "customary" to ask for..... We know what that feels like, and we are here to help".

- Gabriella Milgrom- Vaisler

wooden food board with small sandwiches on it

I am a Foodie

I love to unwind by unplugging, having a nice glass of wine, good food, and even better convos.

I LOVE the Outdoors

Any excuse to get outside is good for me. I spend my weekend's hiking, biking, skiing, kayaking..... you get my drift. Fresh air, good friends, my hubby and my doggo ground me.

orange brown and cream chairs against a teal coloured door. dining room setting

Eclectic is my Middle Name

Creating environments with unique features and focal points that draw you in fills me with joy. Whether that be a bold colour, textures galore, or a striking piece of art on a neutral background. Each project is different, but the goal is to create a wow moment.

Planning a renovation or new build project and not sure where to start?

Grab the Savvy DIY Designer Toolkit & take the doubt and confusion out of the equation.


Claudine Reyes

Admin and Design Assistant

Claudine is the behind-the-scenes guru at Jeengi Design Group. She runs the systems that keep the business running and is curating her design eye on projects along the way. She can usually be found traveling, cooking, or taking photos when she is not in the office.

Hank the Tank

Deputy of Morale

Hank is the happy-go-lucky guy that ensures business happens with a smile and adequate tummy rub breaks are taken.

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